Following the commencement of eviction of street traders from the streets of Akwa Ibom state yesterday by the state government, the enforcement team of the Akwa Ibom State Environmental Protection and Waste Management Agency, yet again served a warning notice to traders who might default the already-enforced policy.

This was reaffirmed to traders this afternoon at the Ibom Plaza and other affected areas in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital, as it is already a period of no mercy.

As the enforcement gets intensified and sustained, the AKSEPWMA boss, Hon. Prince Ikim has stated that the government is not asking any one not to sell or do business in the state, but should do so with a sense of responsibility and legality by signing up for designated places.

“There are lots of markets in the state. Go there and sell. The government wants to get our roads and streets cleared from undue pressures, environmental degradation, defacing of public places and criminal activities engendered by street trading”, he had said.

The AKSEPWMA boss hinted that aside from traffic gridlock, blocked drains, defacing of public places and sundry negative consequences, another factor of concern for organised trading activities hinges mostly on environmental security – a tendency where miscreants cover up in the guise of traders to perpetuate their devious act on unsuspecting members of the public and/or public facilities. And given the insecurity experienced in the nation, the ban is timely in order to identify hoodlums from the real people, by decongesting sensitive public places.

While imploring the traders to evacuate from the street, he decried that though provisions have been made inside the Plaza market but those spaces are left unoccupied by any trader.

The enforcement is due to continue by 5 p.m. of today and without recourse to any defaulter.

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By Carla Jones

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