When the State Government earlier announced and enforced prohibition of street trading at major city centres in the State, it had envisaged the deadly dangers that it may cause her citizenry.

As foreseen, though unfortunate, yesterday, some street traders at Ikot Ekpene Road by Uniuyo Roundabout suffered loss as some goods were destroyed following an unconfirmed report of a face-off between a bus driver and men of the Nigerian Police Force.

According to a report by an eyewitness, as well as the scoops analysis from radio stations in the State, the driver was trying to buck being arrested by the Police Force after an alleged offense bordering on illegal parking.

In the process of bucking arrest, some street traders suffered loss as seen in the photos.

Recall, that the Akwa Ibom State Government in her desire to ensure the safety of citizens and residents, through the State Environmental Protection and Waste Management Agency has prohibited street trading.

However, some street traders are adamant about embracing the policy which is practically for the benefit of the traders, residents and citizens.

To curb further occurrence of such disaster, residents of the State must adhere to the Government directives to leave the street and trade only in authorized places.

Let us help the Government to serve us better.


By Carla Jones

Carla Jones is the Editor-in-Chief of Busyfinder.com. She holds a Master's Degree in Mass Communication from the Prestigious University of Lagos, Nigeria. She also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology from Virginia Tech, USA. She has over 7 years of postgraduate experience in Journalism. Feel free to follow me on Tinder @CJones.

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