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Unwholesome Political Ritual & The Fate Of Aspiring Young Leaders

This is unfortunate! Yes, it is! Whichever way you want to look at it, sometimes, l will be forced to question the interest of our politicians with respect to ‘political ideology’. Because any politics without ideology is a politics with vision-defect – impairment of the sense of purpose.

Or do we have contrary opinion, because l am yet to understand what characterize the thinking of our politicians. I would not say that defecting from one political party to another is unwholesome political ritual of our time, my concern is what is the wisdom for sudden pursuit of a cause often in favour of opposing beliefs or causes.

My thinking may not be popular, but one thing I strongly believe is that, for my nation to favourably compete with other advancing societies on equal footing, the idea of political ideology must be upheld in politics. Our views in politics and the role of government must be coherent, and carpet-crossing syndrome minimized.

This is crucial, given the fact that consistency over a wide range of issues of state important and nation-building is what drive any nation forward. However, having said all of that, going by the recent Governor Ayade’s defection from Peoples Democratic Party PDP to All Progressive Congress in Calabar, Cross River State, there is reason to question whether our politicians and my nation think in ideological terms at all.

In contrast to other nations of the world, our politicians have shown essentially no interest in political ideologies. Nigerian politics from my observation only functions as at present, as a contest between two political parties – the Peoples Democratic Party PDP and the All Progressive Congress APC.

And to Governor Ayade, my question is, if this decision was to be taken by another – inventing crisis in one political party and defecting to another what would have been his advise, particularly to our upcoming young aspiring leaders.

As a Professor, l supposed him to have been that dedicated and talented and generous political leader, who should have with his professorial prowess settle internal issues with his former party amicably. As a university teacher, l perceived him to have helped our aspiring youths to learn something much more than what is in their textbooks.

I guess he should have been in the position of offering them guidance and building their confidence and igniting their passions, as well as, inspiring greatness in them. All for the purpose of ensuring that each of them gets a top-notch education for nation-building.

I believe l am not confused! Mr Ayade’s perceived patriotism by his new party has exposed his political hypocrisy with these words from APC; “the governor has always been an APC man at heart given the humane and progressive manner in which he managed the affairs of Cross River State,” his new party has said.

Meanwhile, APC is describing Ayade’s decision as patriotic. “We commend the patriotic disposition and judgement that shaped Governor Ayade’s decision to join forces with President Muhammadu Buhari to build a better Nigeria as a member of the APC,” the APC has said. However, although, I am not against any political party, l think my argument is cleared.

Thus, we look forward to having an informative knowledge-sharing exercise on: POLITICS and the YOUTHS. Do well to comment, and if there is no comment, then there is no need!

Lest l forget, are you a well-to-do individual in our society? Have you found a young man or woman who has something better to offer for a better society? Encourage him and assist her, who knows perhaps, by doing so, you might have fulfilled your destiny, for no one can fulfill destiny in isolation.

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By Uduakobong Ekong

Uduakobong Ekong is a news writer and a copy editor at She holds an HND in Mass Communication from Federal Polytechnic Nekede. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism from Delta State University, Abraka. She has a passion for information technology and digital marketing.

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