My concern is about the male youths of Akwaibom state!
Who will also coordinate them?
They need help too…I’ve observed that female youth in politics have benefited more in this administration than the male youths in politics.
Maybe it’s because the female youths have well packaged and coordinated themselves even after Elections while the male youths are short of either Ideas or good leaders.
This female youths have improved themselves by engaging in various hand skills and providing empowerments Oppurtunities for their members and this is very commendable.

The male youths in politics need help too and they don’t need to be shy about this.
It’s not all about begging politicians money everyday…or dreaming to the a PA to another PA..
The Akwaibom state youth caucus and other youth structures in the state should also coordinate and have a data base of male youths across all the LGA. This Young men also need to be trained on various hand skills in the oil and gas industry, creative industry, building and construction etc while also providing them with financial startups to run their own small scale businesses.

Since the female youth is being sponsored by the beautiful wife of our dear Governor, I feel our Governor should also remember those male youths who were in charge of security during Campaigns and those who were polling unit canvasers during Elections. The boys need empowerments too…Please let the SA to the Governor on youth Matters take this seriously.

We need male youths leaders who will assist the Government to also create empowerments Oppurtunities for the male youths in the state.
I’m sure the male youths are tired of being campaign security boys/ Body Body and unit canvasers during Elections.
They too need seriously empowerments.

Congratulations to Akwaibom state Female youths but pls our male youths also need help so as to balance the equation.

What is good for the Female is also good for the Male.

Remember that God created them Male and Female.

By Linda Oyedepo

Linda Oyedepo is the social news correspondent at BusyFinder.com. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She also has held a professional degree in Journalism from the International Institute of Journalism, Nigeria. She is a social media enthusiast and a fan of the new media. She resides in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

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