It is morally wrong for any PDP Governor in Nigeria’s current political dispensation to defect to APC, especially second term PDP Governors.

Why do I say so? PDP Governors of this dispensation have enjoyed enormous goodwill from the people. Goodwill which they may not have deserved, but because the people regarded the PDP as their heritage, a party to be proud of, a party to protect at all costs. Therefore, such Governors were supported not because some of them as individuals really deserved it, but because the collective heritage and identity of the people had to be protected.

Some of those Governors may think they won elections due to the expenditures they made. I dare them to ask the common man how much he or she got during the period of electoral campaigns. Truth is, some of those Governors spent billions to get a second term in office but a huge chunk of those monies were cornered by their associates at the expense of the common man who attended rallies, wore T-shirts, held banners, organized ward meetings, and so on with the assurance that when we win things will be better.

Therefore, Governor Ayade’s defection calls him out as a selfish individual who thinks not of his followers, but himself at every situation he finds himself. That is not leadership. A leaders puts the people first at all times. I dare to ask, what will the people of Cross River benefit from APC at this particular time? To help you answer this question, ask yourself, what has existing APC states really benefited from the party at the centre?

Going by this, I make bold to say that Gov. Ayade’s latest political move has no good intentions for the generality of the people of Cross River State. Rather, he’s doing this for himself. Here is a man who is nearing the end of his tenure of office. What happens thereafter, he asked himself. Based on the assumption that APC will perpetuate itself in office beyond 2023 against the will of the people, he now decided to move to APC so as to remain in power.

Permit me to ask, what will a man who has been at the apex of power and enjoyed accompanying privileges for 8 straight years loose by being a private citizen? Can’t they be like Obong Attah who respectfully retired to private life after 8 years in power and is doing well?

Truth is, most Nigerian politicians lack contentment and Gov. Ayade is a case in point.

Shame on any second term PDP Governor who has moved or will move to APC. Shame on them all. They do not deserve our support.

We move.

By Linda Oyedepo

Linda Oyedepo is the social news correspondent at She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She also has held a professional degree in Journalism from the International Institute of Journalism, Nigeria. She is a social media enthusiast and a fan of the new media. She resides in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

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