Lady into fish farming is in agony for losing 170 fish due to bad road in Aba

A very young fish farmer in Aba Abia state, Ananaba Sandra Chibuzor has lost 170 fish due to the bad road in Aba. To make the matters worse there is no electricity!

Hear her;

“Went for fish-runs today.
And Lost 170 fish in the process.

That’s a huge sum of money for me.
Lost them due to the poor transport system and unaccessible roads in aba.
Movement from Ogborhill to Osisioma was hell.

Spent hours on heavy gridlocks caused by very bad road and road blockage.
There was no way home.

From Ogborhill to Osisioma is supposed to be a 20 to 30 minutes journey or less. But I spent 3 hours on the road.
Couldn’t access the other lane that leads to Umuojima because everywhere was blocked.

It was so terrible.
By the time I got home, Out of about 300 fish, I lost 170 pieces of table sized catfish.

Such a heavy loss for a budding brand coupled with the stress I went through today to procure them.
Rigor mortis had set on some of them.
While the others were very weak and would have to be dried immediately.

My Oven was already full as I did some gutting yesterday.

What to do?
Get them frozen?
No electrical power. Not with the heavy downpour of last night.

It was frustrating.
I didn’t know what to do.
I just stood watching my loss, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Got a call from Sir Stephen Eks who consoled me and helped me get a hold on my emotions.
God bless you Sir. Your called came at the right time. I was so destabilized.

I couldn’t help wondering how small businesses thrive in aba even with the lack of enabling business environment!
One’s got to be strong to be able to sustain a business in this city.

It’s so terrible
What did I do with the fish?

I don’t dry Dead fish especially when rigor mortis has set in. Made some calls and I was connected to some Hausa guys who came and packed all and paid a very paltry sum for them.

But It’s well.
Am I deterred?



By Carla Jones

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