School no be scam ❌

I have come to realise recently why we have so many unemployment issues because most literate are unemployable. It doesn’t really matter if you graduated with a first class or a third class. What really matter is your ability to be able to offer something or do something related directly or indirectly to your discipline.

No employer will want to give job to an incompetent fellow. This is it, hey what can you do?
We go to school after graduation with the hope that when we enter the labor abi favor market we’ll get instant job. But no it never worked as many of us planned it. This is reality staring at you on the face.

We go to school to acquire knoweledge, to become knowlegeable and have understanding of whatever knowledge is being passed from reading of books to teachers/lecturers tutoring.

Understanding is very important as this gives you experience into indepth of practical skills. Most student go to school and the target is acquire certification hoping this is all it takes to get a job. It far more than getting a certificate, certificate without understanding the experience of what you studied is half baked. Your employer wants the full package.😁😁😁

Knowledge is something that you accumulate through learning. Understanding is something that you know because you have lived through it. An example: you can read all about how to drive a car, and even learn all the road signs, but it is not the same as driving the car yourself. Another example: someone can show you a cookery book and you can learn about all the ingredients and the processes of cooking but it is not like cooking for real. Another example: someone tells you that the death of a close relative is very painful; you can certainly imagine that it is. But it not the same as if you lose a close relative yourself; then you will experience the emotions and feelings directly.

It not enough to scram before your examination and pass, not enough to graduate with the best result but the question is what can you do? When you know this, jobs will be begging for you.😊😊😊 because you’ve gained expertise.

School no be scam, going to school is not a guarantee to landing a good job it just a means but you ability in the doing get you the offers you desire. School is just a knowledge impartation for both theory and little practical. But what we have in most schools in Naija they are outdated and incompetent. When you finally graduate 80% of what was taught in school are not applicable, attainable and almost useless.

My vexing is that we’ve being fed with obsolete knowledge that is useless and most times even the so called tutors knows nothing or are not grounded in their field to enable them equip you for the out side world. This is trouble.
I wish our school is more of practicals than theories. Teaching on self development and money making courses.

I will advice that as a graduate in Nigeria system, after school go for practical empowerment, learn the skill. This is your only sure belt, else you will get frustrated submitting CVs up and down, attending interviews from one interviewer to another.

Gone are the days where jobs are waiting for you after graduation. You and I knows such doesn’t exist anymore except for god fatherism or who you know among those that matter in Niaja.

So, learning and gaining knowledge can be very useful, but the really important experiences are when you actually understand the experience for yourself by living through it. Books and teachers give you knowledge. Direct experience gives you understanding.

You should give more importance to the things you learn by experiencing them yourself rather than the knowledge learned. Only then you can have your dream job and the life style you want to build for yourself. Know what you studied, have passion for what you’re doing.
See you at the top!

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By Uduakobong Ekong

Uduakobong Ekong is a news writer and a copy editor at She holds an HND in Mass Communication from Federal Polytechnic Nekede. She also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism from Delta State University, Abraka. She has a passion for information technology and digital marketing.

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